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About Sophialis

We are a group in love with new solutions and smart data use. With the beginning of activities in 2015 and founders with extensive experience in the Brazilian and European e-commerce sector, we have in our DNA the digital world and the search for technologies that facilitate and increasingly optimize the work of marketers.

About Sophialis
  • 7 years of operation
  • More than 100 brands served
  • We are in 3 continents
About Sophialis

Technology partners



Email marketing, SMS and pushes automation platform.



Interactive marketing campaigns and gamification platform.



Digital Analytics platform, which monitors customer behavior throughout your site or app.

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A little bit of our history

  • It all started in 2015 when we realize the existence of a lack of technology solutions in the digital market in Brazil and Latin America as a whole.
  • From this we strive to build this bridge and brought 3 smart and innovative solutions to the Latin American digital marketing scenario.
  • Since then, we have opened offices in Brazil and Mexico, we have served more than 100 brands in more than 5 countries and have, in addition to solutions, quality services for the growth of your business.

"We always seek to offer not only an innovative solution that brings the possibility of increasing our customers' performance, but also a skilled team with love to what they do so that we can wear the client's shirt and act proactively to always achieve The best results. "

Laurent Djoulizibaritch

CEO at Sophialis

Our purpose

Contribute to the growth of companies around the world through intelligent and innovative technologies.

Our mission

Offer technologies to the digital marketing market that simplify the routine and increase our customers' performance, acting quickly and ensuring their best performance and reputation.

Our values

We ensure data security

We seek to grow and learn together

We are in love with what we do

We are careful and attention with the customer's business

We always act with ethics and responsibility

We value human and cultural diversity

We respect people and the environment

We like proactivity and we want to make it happen

We ensure data security

What customers say about us


"The email platform has a technology whose value for money is extremely attractive for us marketers, as we need to optimize results and equate our costs. In addition, there is also a highly qualified team to support us in Evolutions and integrations, especially with high performance e-commerce. The structure offered by the platform is able to impress the most skeptical of the features and elasticity of CRM solutions. "

Hudson Machado

Senior Marketing Manager at Manole


"The email platform has an intuitive and complete technology - loses nothing to any large and high price marketing cloud that you have heard or thought of hiring. For us the main differentials are native integrations with our platform Ecommerce (VTEX) and an extremely experienced support and strategy team capable of assisting anywhere in the process (literally end-to-end, of execution integration). Today I can say that we can make any strategy and ruler of CRM and that there are no more platform limitations or integration with my ecommerce. "

Lucas Nunes

Digital Manager at Crocs


"We have a lot of freedom inside the platform, to do the strategy, create the data bases. And it's not simly delivering the platform, no. The team has this partnership to believe in Adcos. When we get something they understand That can be better and that segmentation can be better, they are always watching. I know that if the shuttlecock falls, I have their support, whether or when it is. I recommend it a lot, I have recommended to friends in the market, especially Because the service is so exclusive. When we see the results coming and so much support from a platform, we want to maintain and publicize. "

Larissa Zanella

E-commerce coordinator at Dermocosmetic Adcos


"We have recently done migration and we are having an excellent experience. The strong point so far is the support and presence of the team and its concern for our business and developing our customers' experience. In fact interested and concerned with taking the best possible of the tool. "

Gabriel Eberhardt

Head of Marketing - Ecommerce at Fibra Cirúrgica


"After native integration with VTEx customer retention was much better and without losing anyone from one platform to another, we were able to create intelligent, well -personalized and based on customer buying behavior, so time optimization is Excellent. We had a calm, easy and very fast integration, in 2 days it was all happening with the greatest naturalness and without any headache. ExpertSender + Vtex = perfect combination for email marketing! ❤️ "

Lívia Fais

Marketing Analyst at Shopfísio

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